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Our address: Krasnodar, st. Krasnaya, house 113, office 202
Krasnodar, st. Krasnaya, house 113, office 202


Dear friends and admirers of the beauty of your own body!

Over the course of five years, we, the creators of the Happiness House brand, have gradually moved from the status of amateurs and enthusiastic people into the category of professionals and experts in skin care and the creation of fragrances for rooms, cars, baths and saunas. In our work on creating creams and body balms, the main We focus on the use of natural ingredients created by nature itself and harmoniously combined with skin cells that can protect against the negative effects of the environment, time and provide nutrients for our skin, creating a rejuvenating effect. It must be said that the pandemic has also made adjustments to our products, and we can proudly say that, along with many positive properties, it also has an antibacterial effect.

We also continue to release our fragrances designed for home, sauna and your car.

In our work on the creation of cosmetics, we rely on modern scientific developments and work very closely with leading scientists from the KF, the Nikitsky Botanical Garden and the Research Institute of Agriculture of the Crimea.

At the same time, I am studying and consulting at the leading UK institute for the training of specialists in creating cosmetic recipes and preparing managers for the promotion of cosmetic brands "Formula Botanica Organic Cosmetic Science School".

We also study the experience of the world's leading brands and closely monitor the new products entering the market.

It would seem that the market is saturated with all these products, why else create and sell new products? The thing is that there are a lot of counterfeit products that copy foreign brands, and if it is real, it has exorbitant prices, becoming simply not affordable for a normal person. On our website page we will tell and show about new developments and of course we will consult with you and carefully study all your comments.


Temirgaliev Ilmir,

founder of "Happiness House"