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Electronic sprayer

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It is used for spraying an aqueous solution, humidifying, aromatizing and disinfecting the air. All functions are achieved when used with natural room fragrances (flavors - "Mountain Savory", "Thyme", "Thyme with Savory").

When working, it creates the effect of a cloud of tiny particles of hydrolate, which not only moisturize and aromatize the room, but also affect pathogenic bacteria in the air. And when hydrosol particles touch the surface of the floor, furniture, etc. within 30 minutes continue to show protective properties.

Natural fragrances "Lavender", "Mint", "Rose", "Aloe" when used with an electronic sprayer give the effect of moisturizing, aromatizing the room and have properties that affect the improvement of the human body - soothe, relax, relieve overwork.

The electronic nebulizer is compatible with standard 500ml PET bottles.

How to use: put the electronic atomizer on the neck of a PET bottle, connect it to a power source, press the button on the atomizer.

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