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Peaches, 40 capsules

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Форма выпуска
капсулы в пластиковой банке
Количество в банке
40 капсул

Girls' best friends are antioxidants!

In the cosmetic bag of any modern girl there are always skin care creams with SPF - to protect against the harmful effects of sunlight, masks with hyaluronic acid - to moisturize the skin, patches with collagen - to combat swelling and bruises under the eyes, lotion with AHA acids, micellar water, serums… 

And only antioxidants that are invisible to the eye, but well-known by ear, can be absolutely everywhere. 

The main purpose of antioxidants is to catch and neutralize free radicals, that is, unstable oxygen molecules that activate the oxidative process.   They are formed in our body under the influence of aggressive exposure to sunlight, cigarette smoke, polluted air, stress, malnutrition, a number of diseases. On the skin, their activity manifests itself in the form of wrinkles, a decrease in tone, elasticity and radiance of the skin. 

These miracle particles work at various levels. Basically, they perform protective functions and help the body to be in good shape, better tolerate physical exertion and nervous tension, the skin looks fresh, smooth and, in general, slow down the aging of the body.  

In maintaining beauty and health, an important role is played not only by sports, properly selected care, but also by a diet with the use of modern dietary supplements. 

This is where "Peaches" comes to our rescue - a nutraceutical enriched with antioxidants.

"Persicaps" is a unique natural dietary supplement based on peach leaf extract containing the maximum amount of flavonoids for pronounced antioxidant activity, surpassing in this indicator the tinctures of such well-known medicinal plants as eleutherococcus, valerian, ginseng.

The leaves are collected in early spring in peach orchards on the southern coastal slopes during the period of maximum accumulation of all useful substances.  

Regular intake of "Persicaps" can effectively slow down the processes of premature aging and:

Improve the condition of the skin, delay the appearance of the first wrinkles.

Increase physical performance and resistance to nervous overstrain.

Become energetic and increase the tone of the body.

Activate the body's defenses.


Adults take 1 capsule 2-3 times a day during meals.

The duration of admission is 1 month.

It is recommended to consult a doctor before use.


Pregnancy, breast-feeding, individual intolerance to the components of the product.

Форма выпуска
капсулы в пластиковой банке
Количество в банке
40 капсул
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