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Room fragrance "Rose"

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Room fragrance "Rose" is made from natural raw materials and is compatible with an electronic mini humidifier.

It helps to purify the air and aromatize the premises. Increases efficiency, relieves fatigue, prevents the development of stress reactions, stimulates creative and intellectual development. In addition, it contributes to the normalization of biorhythms, including facilitates falling asleep, relieves morning drowsiness and depression in rainy weather.

The rose is called the queen of flowers, but it can also be called the queen of fragrances. The tart, sweet smell has long been associated with luxury, femininity and romance. According to some versions, the rose is the first plant from which the essential oil was obtained. It is believed that this happened in Persia as early as the 10th century, when the method of distilling oils was accidentally invented by Avicenna as a result of alchemical experiments.

Cool, moderately sweet, tart and complex with smoky notes, a honey base and low tannins, the aroma is one of the brightest among all the esters.

Rose essential oil is one of the brightest aphrodisiacs: it enhances trembling and sensuality.

Ingredients: mixture of hydrolates of rose essential oil crops.

Method of application: electronic or manual spraying indoors.

Release form: bottle, volume 500 ml.

Tags: novelty

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