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Venowell, 40 capsules

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Форма выпуска
капсулы в пластиковой банке
Количество в банке
40 капсул

Heaviness, fatigue, buzzing, pain and even cramps in the legs - all this is so familiar…        

But even in the morning, the legs looked so attractive in high-heeled shoes.

Every modern woman faces similar symptoms from time to time. And many people find "cobwebs" appearing on their feet.

Any girl knows what varicose veins look like and is afraid of it. In addition to aesthetic imperfections, this phenomenon is fraught with health problems.

Stretched veins lose their natural ability to properly carry blood. It descends through the arteries and capillaries down to the very tips of the fingers and still has to come back. It happens that the outflow is disrupted, and the walls of the vessels become thinner, swell and manifest themselves in the form of blue "stars". Such violations do not lead to anything good.

Do you want to have a flying gait, beautiful legs without bruises and swelling? Then take up prevention now. Start taking VENOWELL!

"VENOWELL" in its composition contains:

  • Chestnut helps to improve vascular tone, normalizes blood circulation, relieves inflammation of the venous wall, dilutes blood. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, increases their elasticity, reduces swelling of the legs and a feeling of heaviness, fatigue.

    Orange improves blood circulation, reduces congestion in varicose veins, protects blood vessels from breakage and damage, reduces swelling, reduces the risk of vascular diseases.

    Hazel stimulates microcirculation, accelerates the process of resorption of bruises and helps to reduce the severity of vascular "asterisks".

    Willow has an anti-inflammatory, decongestant effect and has an analgesic effect.

    Volodushka strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

    Grapes increase vascular elasticity, improve blood microcirculation, reduce varicose veins in the form of a venous mesh and vascular asterisks.

"VENOWELL" promotes:

Elimination of pain, buzzing, heaviness and swelling in the legs.

To improve venous circulation and prevent the development of varicose veins.

To reduce the manifestation of vascular meshes.

To increase the tone of veins and reduce venous congestion.

With VENOWELL, the whole world will be at your perfect and healthy feet!


Take 1 capsule 3 times a day 10-15 minutes before meals, with a sufficient amount of liquid. To prepare a portion of the drink, the contents of the capsule are mixed with water at room temperature.


Pregnancy, breast-feeding, age up to 18 years, individual intolerance to the components of the product.


40 capsules weighing 600 mg.

Форма выпуска
капсулы в пластиковой банке
Количество в банке
40 капсул
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